Family and Business Portrait photographer.

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by my profile! 

I am a photographer who is particularly passionate about outdoor photo sessions.  I love how nature fills the photos with fresh air, spring breeze or smell of autumn leaves. I love when children have space to run and have fun. I love that feeling of freedom and balance that outdoor photos give.

During photo sessions I ask people to simply live their life in front of my camera, to walk, to play, to enjoy the nature, day dream, hug their loved ones, to have fun and to let me witness moments of their unique life.

Does it sound like something you would enjoy? Awesome! Then maybe you would like to know that my photo sessions are not time limited! You can also get a bit more comfortable with the process here or contact me right away at and I will be happy to chat with you about anything!

Hope to hear you soon!


Q How long is a photo session?

The photo session is NOT time-limited. Yes, you heard it right. We will take as much time as we need. If possible, please don’t plan anything during this day, so, you won’t feel rushed.

Additional Details

  • Languages:English, Russian
  • Well suited Pikto Products are…:Photo Prints, PhotoBooks, PhotoAlbums, Wall Decor, Table Decor
  • Payment Methods:Cash, e-Transfer
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