Thank you so much for taking the time to consider me as your photographer. I would love to create some beautiful portraits for you, and one of the first things I’ll ask when we get in touch is,

“Why are you considering hiring a photographer right now?”

Often, the answer seems simple. You’re expecting or have just had a new baby, you’ve bought a new house, or your child is going through a milestone like sitting or walking. But these milestones are easily captured on a phone or camera that you probably already have at home. If you were to dig deeper, why do you need to come to me?

Everyone’s reasons will be different, so I’ll share my own. I do it for my son. There are photographs all over our house – some taken on a phone, and some captured by professional photographers. I want him to see and have pictures of our family at every stage of our lives and I want to be in them, too. When he’s older, he will see his parents were young and vibrant people who absolutely adored him and were there for him through every stage of his life.

For these reasons, I need someone who I trust to tell pieces of my family’s story in a beautiful and thoughtful way. And I can’t do this myself because I want to BE in that story.

So let’s chat about why you’re considering investing in professional photography right now. You can get in touch with me through email or phone; I look forward to working together!


Q How far in advance should I book my session?

If you are pregnant and interested in a newborn session, I would recommend to get in touch some time in your second trimester. My calendar books up about 2-3 months in advance for most sessions, but I do prioritize newborns so even if you have already given birth, give me a call or email and I can usually schedule you in!

Q Can you come take pictures in my home?

Of course! In-home sessions are more relaxed and I love being able to create authentic images of baby in her “natural environment”! We’ll most likely focus on areas of your home that have larger windows and soft, natural light.

Q Does your pricing include digitals?

My pricing is a la carte; this means that you would pay your session fee to reserve your date and my time and all other products (prints and digitals) are purchased after your session, once you've had a chance to look over all the images.

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  • Payment Methods:Cash, Credit Card, e-Transfer
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