Hey there! I’m Julie. I am a wedding & portrait photographer documenting timeless images for sentimental, sweet, fun-loving people. I am passionate about people, creativity, love, and stories — it’s honestly one of the best parts of my job being able to share all of that through working with such incredible clients and capturing their memories to last a lifetime! I’m a wife to my absolute best friend and favourite human, and Momma to my sweet daughter. I always wanted to be a Mom and the reality is even better than I imagined. I love sweets – and I love baking, which is a dangerous combination because I tend to eat all the sweets I make myself. In the Winter most evenings you’ll find me curled up on the couch with a blanket and a hot chocolate binge watching Greys Anatomy and other binge-worthy Netflix shows with my husband. I love all kinds of music and our one year old seems to have inherited the same love. She now dances and claps every time we put music on and cries when it’s not on. I really love both spending time with friends and also spending time at home alone – it’s conflicting honestly. I’m an enneagram seven through and through if you care about that stuff! Of course, I love love. I’m a total sucker for a good love story. (which is why I ask a lot of questions about yours) I also love people – which is why this job is so dang great! 

Q What can we expect when we work with you?

You can definitely expect a fun, stress-free, enjoyable time. I shoot to share your story through your images, so the main goal is just to be yourself! I love capturing the small moments and the big scenes alike, making sure you’re enjoying every second of your special time. If you don’t like being in front of the camera don’t worry - I’ll make sure you’re comfortable. You don’t have to even think about the memories being captured - just be present, I’ll take care of the rest!

Q Can you give me any advice for my wedding day?

I’d actually love to – we planned our own wedding three years ago and absolutely loved the whole process. I am not a wedding planner but I can help talk through what you imagine your day will look like and help with timelines and more.

Q What is your shooting style?

My style is what you see here. I love capturing people’s connections and moments; telling stories and sharing emotion through photography. I use natural light to capture the look and feel of the moment. I love the little moments and big ones, the tears and the laughs, and everything in between! I typically show bold colours, vibrant tones, and love showing things as they appear. Think natural looking - just enhanced.

Q Will you pose us?

Yes and no! My shooting style tends to be pretty natural so I want to capture the moments between you and your love. I like to say I’ll guide you, not pose you. I’ll make sure you look your best while still looking natural. Please note I do posed formal family portraits at weddings as these are important memories as well.

Q How long until I receive my photos?

I hate waiting! For this reason I ensure that couples receive their photos within 5 weeks of their wedding! Your images come in a high-res digital gallery and can be immediately downloaded or shared with family and friends. For bumps + babes & families you can expect your images within 3 weeks of your session.

Q What will my wedding investment look like?

Every wedding is different so the needs of each couple look different as well. Most couples book an 8 hour collection. If you’re interested in pricing information please reach out and I’d love to send that to you. For reference, collections with me start at $2200. Be sure to jump over to the booking page to inquire and get full package info. I also have an hourly rate for elopements and do take on two destinations per year.

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