I craft personalized poetry that is uniquely yours. With deep empathy and intuition, I listen from a poet’s heart and offer my words back as a gift to treasure.

Whether you are celebrating a new birth, grieving a friend, sharing your family’s story or honoring a tradition – I find the words to capture the beauty and essence of life’s journey.

If you’re creating a photobook or including captions with wedding photos, I carefully choose the perfect words to augment your images. I also craft wedding vows/ceremonies, rituals for transitions, and memorials for celebrations of life.

Through shared online conversations or photos, I weave your gathered your stories and emotions into a tapestry of words.

Q Can you write our love story?


Through conversations with you, your friends, and your family - I can capture your love story in words.

Q Do you help with wedding vows?

For sure.

I can help you write your own wedding vows and transform your feelings into a meaningful expression of your love and commitment.

Q Will you help to write an obituary or memorial?

It would be my privilege to honour the memory of your loved one by capturing their essence in a poem, reflection, story, or obituary.

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  • Languages:English
  • Well suited Pikto Products are…:Photo Prints, PhotoBooks, PhotoAlbums
  • Payment Methods:Cash, e-Transfer
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