Calligrapher | Hand Letterer | Floral Watercolour Artist – Adding pretty letters to further inspire beauty to your photographs and albums.


I’m Cecile Lau.

I’ve always had a love for handwriting. I didn’t know calligraphy existed until I accidentally stumbled onto it in 2014. I wanted to find a hobby to immerse myself in and calligraphy was the one thing that kept me inspired after all these years.

The heart and soul of my work comes from the need to create pretty delicate things that bring in a breath of fresh air. I am constantly inspired (or more obsessed!) by flowers, so you may find a lot of flower elements in my work.

My mission is to create whimsical and romantic lettering you’ve dreamed of for your photos. I want to share the same excitement with you when you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for!


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  • Languages:English
  • Well suited Pikto Products are…:Photo Prints, Archival Fine Art Prints, PhotoBooks, PhotoAlbums, Wall Decor, Table Decor
  • Payment Methods:Cash, e-Transfer
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